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A networked company
gets results faster.
Be stronger together
with Joincube.

No credit card required.
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More than 5000 companies use Joincube daily.


File sharing
Integrated and easy.

Share the latest files with your work teams and never worry about trying to find the latest document in an email chain again.


Groups & Projects
Keep track of your work.

Organize and track your tasks with groups instead of sending an email. Get updates about projects that matter to you.


Instant Messaging
Conversations in real time.

Start a quick conversation to get things done fast and loop in more coworkers to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Search & Analytics
Discover what you need.

Find the key people and information you need to get the job done on time. Analyze performance metrics to make better decisions.

What others say about us:
“Joincube has significantly improved task assignment and workflow for our entire organization spread out over 5 countries on 3 continents. We cannot imagine business life without it.”

Everyday more people are joining the ultimate collaboration experience:

Juerguen Keller
CEO of
“Joincube is so easy to use! Since implementing we have greatly improved communication between employees and increased the exchange of new innovative ideas and suggestions.”

Giseli Adornato de Aguiar
Universidade de São Paulo
“I had been searching for a long time for software that makes organizing information easier. Joincube offers a practical, intuitive solution with A+ training and tech support. Highly recommended!”

Eng. Felipe Wager Abreu
RW Engenheria
“Joincube is an amazing tool that allows for effortless collaboration on projects and keeps everyone on the same page with notifications in real-time on your smartphone. We could never go back to using just email!”

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Joincube has quickly been winning the interest of companies looking to track progress and share knowledge better among their employees.

Companies are able to quickly integrate the software into their work processes in order to collaborate without a lot of effort expended on training and IT support.

This social network customized for workplace has a lofty, singular goal: “Replace internal email entirely in the next three years.”

The results are reflected in fewer in person meetings, less time spent looking for information and navigating through unending email chains.