5 Common Myths About Enterprise Social Networks

Implementing an Enterprise Social Network can bring up some initial concerns. There are several widespread myths about potential problems that are simply not true. Here are 5 of the most common ones we here:

Myth #1: Enterprise Social Networks are more of a distraction for workers than anything else

An Enterprise Social Network can exponentially improve a company’s level of productivity, given that it provides employees with greater access to company information, increases collaboration between project teams and helps divulge company know-how.

Myth #2: Enterprise Social Networks are expensive to implement

Any organization can implement an Enterprise Social Network even on a small budget. Compared to other alternatives for internal communication such as Sharepoint and traditional Intranets which require an initial setup and installation fee and elevated monthly support costs, cloud based Enterprise Social Networks can offer extremely competitive prices for more dynamic and easier to use product.

Myth #3: Implementing and managing an Enterprise Social Network is difficult and time consuming

Implementing an Enterprise Social Network is very simple, you only need a working internet connection. Since the user experience is similar to widespread social networks such as Facebook employees will be able to intuitively use the tool from day 1 with minimal training and support.

Myth #4: Information shared on Enterprise Social Networks has a greater chance of being filtered outside the company

Enterprise Social Networks have advanced security measures similar to ones found on typical servers or traditional email platforms. Additionally, Joincube offers the possibility to restrict access to our platform by IP Address.

Myth #5: Employees work less since they are spending time on an Enterprise Social Network

A platform that empowers internal communication and allows employees to interact amongst themselves, no matter whether they are in the office or on the go, boosts employee productivity.

The biggest obstacle to implementing an Enterprise Social Network is related more to the resistance to change or fear of the unknown. The Joincube Team has successfully implemented our platform in thousands of companies and we are experts at helping resolve any initial concerns you may have about how to effectively use an Enterprise Social Network in your business.

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