How an Enterprise Social Network can help you reduce stress[:]

Stress in the workplace is the norm: press to finish projects on time, with the required quality standards and navigating all kinds of obstacles add unpredictability to our work which causes stress.

How can we get rid of all this stress?

There are several tools we can use to organize our work and increase our productivity. An enterprise social network is one of these tools that has been experiencing a dramatic increase popularity in the last year.

Are Enterprise Social Networks a waste of time?

There is an old stereotype that enterprise social networks or even the internet in general is a distraction that doesn’t add any value to work. Nothing could be further from the truth, given that the internet has may useful tools to help you get work done and manage tasks. Enterprise social networks have managed to integrate all these tools in the same place.

No more unnecessary emails and meetings

Emails can be useful at times but often result in unending email chains that are hard to read or getting buried in an overflowing inbox. The integrated chat in enterprise social networks allows us to talk with a specific person or with a specific team to get work done faster, given that chat is much more direct, concise and easy to understand.

The same thing happens with unnecessary meetings: with chat we can solve problems in real time with our coworkers without having to take the time to coordinate schedules and meet in person.

Simple and effective task managers

Complex and bulky task managers many times end up hurting more than they help. Joincube has an easy to use task management tool that lets your create tasks, assign to users or projects and keep track of progress with a simple, efficient design. It allows you to keep an online record of everything you are working on and track progress to make sure things get done on time.

No more lost files

“I can’t find the file you’re referring to” is everyone’s worst nightmare when starting a new task. Managing files through an enterprise social network helps you keep everything organized. We can use the powerful search tool to file whatever we are looking for and then easily share with our teammates.

Enterprise social networks are the latest in collaboration technology designed to improve productivity and time management and to help us better organize our business.

The secret is to take advantage of the many opportunities to improve they offer and not be afraid to try something new.

Give Joincube a try today![:]

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