How to take full advantage of our most productive time of day

We all have certain times when we feel much more motivated and fully of energy to accomplish our to-do’s: for some it’s first thing in the morning, for other it’s mid-afternoon or late at night. The problem is that we also have other commitments and obligations during our most productive hours that can completely take up those key moments during the day.

What to do?

Let’s start by clearing up some common obstacles to our most productive times of the day:

1. Avoid meetings during those time periods: if my most productive time is from 8am to 10am, all meetings should be scheduled after that time.

2. Avoid distractions: if phone calls are a constant interruption, have my secretary take messages for me or send to voicemail. If internet is not required for the task at hand, turn it off during that time period. Si the office is loud and full of distractions change location and work from a café or from a private meeting room.

3. Use task managers to order and prioritize our to-do’s and schedule the most important tasks during the time period when we have the most energy to do them. Many enterprise social networks like Joincube have task managers as well as resources to find the files, information and colleagues you need to get things done fast.

4. Measure how long each task takes us and why. Reviewing our email takes us a lot of time? Is it because we are opening too many personal emails and the latest online sales instead of focusing on work emails? Identifying our errors and how long it takes to complete each task will help us take better advantage of our most productive hours.

5. Ask for help with family commitments. Responsibilities outside of work often encroach on my most productive time of day: picking up the kids from school, picking up groceries, taking care of the dog, are all obligations that are tough to postpone. A good idea is to delegate some of these tasks to other family members, friends and hired help at least one day a week.

6. Be organized, always. If I am feeling motivated to finish that report but I lose hours looking for a file I need, I run the risk of losing that motivation once I finally find what I needed. Being organized is key to take on new tasks quickly and efficiently.

Don’t say “I don’t have time”. Time is available, the tough part is managing it.

It’s important to manage our time correctly, not only making room for work goals but also for our overall health: getting enough sleep, eating well and enjoying other hobbies outside of work will help us be more punctual and focus better during our most productive times with much less stress.

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